About Me

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Further on, I went to Santa Maria University in Caracas to obtain a Law degree, since my parents insisted. They seem to believe those who study art starve. Later on, in life, I discovered that it is not those who study art who starves, but, who studies what they do not embrace.

Upon graduation, I went to Canada where I studied English, French and obtained a diploma in Journalism and Public relations from Concordia University in Montreal, during that time I wrote for the most important Latin newspaper in the country, El Chasqui Latino and had my first participation on McGill University Radio Station, at the same time I was dancing for a reggaeton group called C-KRIAS.

After that period, I went back to Venezuela but for a short time because I started a new path. This time I move to Argentina, where I decided, to study professional acting and contemporary dance at Ricardo Rojas School of Buenos Aires University, having the opportunity to participate in some short films Sangre Latina, La Vida Que No Fue, Un

I am an actress, journalist, and lawyer; comedian by nature. Since I was little I have shown acting skills, writing, directing, producing, and casting actresses for my play when I was just 11 years old.

I began to study acting at the age of 13, but I was already dancing and performing at home. Before that, I had participated in all cultural events at school in kindergarten


Santo Pecador, etc.


My entire life, I have been learning and sharing with people what I think is important: Being happy and healthy. Those are my favorite subjects. Being it my mother taught me how to take care of myself, by taking me to model and etiquette courses (for marriage purposes) even though she wasn't able to convince me to marry. These courses made me learn to improve my posture and my integral beauty, which comes from within, by loving myself.

Last 4 years, since I escaped from Venezuela's dictatorship, I reinvented myself. I decided to accomplish my lifelong dream: Became a comedian, doing Stand Up Comedy Shows. So here I am, with all my knowledge and skills proving to you that Dreams Do Come True!