My beauty secrets are not just a series of products I use every day to maintain young beautiful and desirable forever after!

My beauty Secrets are a motto, a lifestyle, I created based on my experience and my studies about nutrition and modeling but my best teacher of how to take care of myself was always my mom since I was a young lady.


Most of the products that I use are not expensive, actually are very sustainable. I dare you to try them and convert yourself into an addict to your health and beauty care.

 How to look and feel young       forever after     

My Beauty Secrets 


Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer

I love Organic Coconut Oil! I use Coconut Oil on my body, face and hair! I even use it to cook. I use this oil every 2 days because I don't want my skin to get used to the same treatment, so I vary the oils. You will notice the change in your skin!!!



Evolution Nutrition     


These are my favorite pills ever to be always skinny!

You will notice the change in your body and skin within 3 weeks after you start taking it every day.



Organic Australian Sweet Almond Oil 

As I told you I vary the oils I use every day to make my skin moisturizer and healthy.

The Organic Australian Sweet Almond Oil is amazing for every part of your body: I put it on my face every two days, I give myself massage every day in my cuticle and nails, and a drop my tip hair.



Vitamine E Oil

I vary the oils that I put on my skin, I suggest you change it every two days. If you want to erase or reduce dark spots and wrinkles in your skin use it every night.



Sun Protector in gel Australian Gold Spray with aloe vera, spread spectrum, Waterproof, SPF 30


This is my favorite sun protector what so ever!  I use Australian Gold Spray, even if I am not going to the beach, because is super moisturizing, provided you beautiful and longer tan.



Prenatal One A Day

These pills change my life! It helps me to stop feeling the hotness of my hormones changes due to premenopausal, my skin becomes smoother than ever. Help yourself to feel like nothing is happening during this period of your life!




It's a 10


is the best I have ever tried in my hair in my entire life in! So this is the best Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product.


IMG_0686 (1).PNG

My moisturizer for every day, 


Love to use this cream morning, night, and all the time! I discovered that this butter golden cream deeply moisturizes my skin inside and out.



Youtheory Hyaluronic Acid 

Are one of the greatest to fill your deep wrinkles from inside, not with injections. Hyaluronic Acid will help you to maintain your youthfulness. Try it!! you will love it and love me to tell you this, one of my deepest Beauty Secret.



Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Natural Beige) 

Here is the link of this medium coverage foundation very moisturizer to cover imperfections and soft your skin (remember natural beige is the color I like). I am white but I like to look tan in my face because my body is always darker than my face.




Is one of the proteins we star loosing at a certain age. Because of that I take one pill daily combine with L-Carnitine and Hyaluronic Acid, before breakfast.



Pantene Air Spray 2 Dot Hair Spray Brushable Flex Hold (6 sprays) 

This is my favorite spray ever! my hair stays curli very long time looking fresh, clean and neat.



Aceite facial de Albaricoque 

I do exfoliate my skin every 2 days with a regular apricot scrub, but I love to use this once a week because not just exfoliates but hydrates my skin and I use it all over my body and face.



Apricot Scrub

This is my best exfoliate product ever I have been using it for centuries  I use it almost every day for face neck and body, I ended up totally in love with my skin.



To help your scrub for a better exfoliation of your skin this is the best product. 

Use it even alone just with water to stimulate your skin and make it look younger.



Gold for your face!!!


Right after you exfoliate your skin this is the best product to put into your pores ... so you better have 24K Gold Serum right there on your restroom.



Omega!!! to be young forever


Alfa Vitamins Omega 3 I love these pills because make my skin look amazing and maintain me in shape.



CICATRICURE Gold Lift Crema de arrugas para ojos y labios (0.5 oz)

Cicatricure Gold Lift Dual Contours is an amazing cream to reduce wrinkles around eyes and lips, also works to reduce eyes' bags. Cicatricure brings gold calcium and silicone to your skin. (normal skin, not dry).



  Cellular Radiance La Prairie Pure Gold 

You can't even imagine how this serum can change the appearance of your skin!

People will ask you! What did you do!!??? your skin will glow like never 

so the investment is worth